Sunday, 26 June 2011


After a section of the media published a story detailing an altercation between rapper Nonini and a photog, his handlers sent out a release denying anything like that happened.

It read:
“We are saddened by the recent articles published in one of the tabloids on 7th June 2011 in relation to the public character of the above artist ‘Nonini’.
It was portrayed that the artist is a violent person and that he was involved in a fight at the Rangers restaurant during an evening out. The artist named is not a violent person; neither did he get involved in a fight at the said restaurant. Witnesses at the venue can counter for every detail that happened that night.
We are thus saddened that an Editor of a renowned magazine plus their reporters can publish such lies and insults. Morever, this story led to reputation damages to Nonini and on his brand. Nonini is currently working on final touches for his movie Killer Moja which will be released hopefully on 2nd October, 2011. The above matter has in one way or another affected the execution of the above project.”

Anyhow, Hot Secrets talked to Pius Cheruiyot (a photographer for Pulse Magazine) who claims, “Nonini hit my camera and damaged it, then I was like ‘What is happening?’ He started pushing and shoving me till I fell and hurt my head and chest.” Pius adds that the right side of his lip was bruised and bloody.
“I have reported the matter at Langata Police Station and waiting for action, “ He continued: “What he did was not good and he should have asked me to delete the photos if he did not want me to take them.”