Wednesday, 25 May 2011


As part of his much awaited visit to Ireland, the US President Barack Obama stepped into his one of his ancestor’s local pub, Ollie Hayes’ bar in Moneygall Co. Offaly, where he was welcomed with a perfectly served Guinness.
The US President visited the town, as part of his visit to Ireland, to meet his distant relatives and see the house that they grew up in.
A special delivery of a keg of Guinness was made earlier this week by Guinness Master Brewer, Fergal Murray in anticipation of the President’s visit and much to the delight of bar owner Ollie Hayes and all the locals who joined him at this momentous occasion, President Obama accepted the warm welcome by sampling the Guinness.
John Kennedy, Managing Director of Diageo Ireland said; “Today marks a fantastic day for Ireland when we welcome US President Barack Obama into Ireland for the first time. What a great occasion also for the President who has had the opportunity to meet his ancestor’s. It is a real honour that he chose to savour a Guinness as part of his journey back to his Irish roots, which truly marks an occasion that will be remembered by people all over the world for generations to come”.
Also speaking today bar owner Ollie Hayes said “We have been waiting in hope for this very day and I can say that it is without doubt one of the proudest days of my life. It’s not every day that the US President drops by our bar for a Guinness! We are going to talk about this day for ever more.”