Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Africa voted – and South Africa’s Nkuli became the second Housemate to be evicted from M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified. This Week Kenyan's Tail Housemate, Nic who is currently sucking face with Kim ( should we call them K'Nic or Nicki) is the head of house.
Moving on, Nkuli's Tails Housemates Luclay, Mumba and Kim were sent back into the house to continue their quest for the USD 200 000 prize.
After Miss P had revealed her decision to save Karen and replace her with Mumba – citing the entertainment value of the Nigerian’s ‘exaggerated personality’ as the reason for the switch – IK summoned Luclay, Nkuli, Mumba and Kim to the stage. After a brief chat with each of them, he asked Luclay, Mumba and Kim to stand, before sending them off stage without revealing their fate.
As they re-emerged into the house amidst screams of delight from their Housemates, it dawned on Nkuli that she had been evicted from the Big Brother Amplified House.
After checking out a clip of Nkuli’s highlights from her time in the house, IK confirmed that the verified name in the envelope handed to him by the Ernst & Young auditor was Nkuli’s and that she had been evicted from the game. He quizzed her about her best memory of her time in the House. “I definitely enjoyed both of the parties,” she replied. “And who will you miss the most?” asked IK with a wry smile. “Michael, definitely,” she replied. “Who will you miss the least?” he asked. The South African replied that she would miss Ernest, Nic and Alex the least, calling them two-faced.
Nkuli’s departure – and Lotus’ disqualification earlier in the week after her argument with Luclay got physical – means that there are 23 Housemates in the two houses competing for the USD 200 000 prize, with 70 days of Amplified action left! Earlier in the show, two African stars had graced the Big Brother Amplified stage – first Ethiopia’s Nhatty got down with his tune “Brand New Day” and then top-selling Zimbabwean star Cindy got the crowd jumping with her energetic rendition of “Tonight”. Viewers also got the chance to hear from last week’s evictee, Jossy, as he headed home. The Namibian said he was looking forward to visiting his new-found friends in Mozambique, Botswana and Ghana and sharing his music with the continent.