Wednesday, 20 April 2011


After the successful premiere of the Kenyan comedy Me, My Wife and her Guru - a parody on the Esther Arunga- Hellon saga - now, Jitu Films and Capri 7 are extending their partnership to promote yet another movie from the movie production house.
The premiere for Kenyan comedy Matatu Girl is set for Easter Sunday. The movie's cast includes TV stars Like Jackie Nyaminde of Papa Shirandula and Lydia Gitachu formerly of Tahidi High.
The movie is about Fridah (Nyaminde), a young modern Kenyan girl who has just received her University acceptance letter - her life long dream.
However, her dad (Ian Kamburu) refuses to pay for her tuition fees and pressures her to get married instead to a rich Niaja Broda and be a "good housewife like she ought to".

Fridah, ignores her fathers well laid plans and decides she will pay her own way through university, come rain or shine. She secretly looks for a job to fulfil her dream - after many
unsuccessful job interviews Fridah accept a position as a matatu tout...
The cast also includes Samuel Odoyo, Kevin Onyango, Boniface Loppoh and Lulu Abdallah Said. It is directed by Billy Mbilikimo and written by Wanjiru Kairu.
The screening will be done outdoors at Capri 7 on Jabavu Road, Kilimani) and after the premiere
you can stay to watch the animation Finding Nemo.