Sunday, 3 April 2011


President Obama’s half sister, Dr Auma promoted her book, Das Leben Kommt Immer Dazwischen. Stationen Einer Reise (Life Always Comes In Between. Stations Of A Journey) in a recent book reading at Goethe Institute, Nairobi.
Auma launched the book in Munich on October 14 last year and Suzanna Owiyo was the only act performing.
Though the book is originally written in German, Dr Auma conducted a reading in English. It is yet to be published in English.
Dr. Auma Obama left Kenya for Germany as a young girl and lived there for the next 16 years. She studied German at the University of Heidelberg, Film Production at the German Film and TV Academy in Berlin and later proceeded for graduate Studies at the University of Bayreuth, which awarded her a PhD in 1996.

After Germany, she moved on to live in England, traveling severally to the USA following the rise to fame of her brother, and returned to Kenya in 2007 where she now works and lives.
In her autobiography, Auma Obama retraces this path of a life between different worlds and cultures. She narrates how a consciousness for her African identity developed on this journey. She gives a vivid picture of the history of the Obama family in Kenya and the life of her father Barrack Hussein Obama. And how she has accompanied her brother on his way to becoming the 44th president of the USA.