Monday, 25 April 2011


Money has to trickle down to sporting bodies for the youth to benefit from involvement in sports. Football Kenya Chairman candidate, Hussein Mohammed has called for the Government to release more funds into the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports so that the various sporting bodies that deal with the development of sports and youth affairs can start to get funding that will assist them run their activities.
With more funds reaching the sporting bodies the participation of youth in the development of sports will continue to grow and the development will be positive to the communities that they come from.Hussein Mohammed said this during the finals of the National Accord Peace Initiative Soccer Tournament running under the theme "Using Sports to promote peace and development" that was played over the Easter break at Kondole's car wash in Kisumu.
"As proven by Ufadhil Trust and Foot soldiers organisation's sports can be used to bring peace and open up development of regions by getting communities to work together and develop different areas for their benefits," said Hussein.
Hussein further urged the Independent Electoral Board to urgently release the election dates, so that Kenyans who want to be involved in the management of Football can be able to plan themselves.
The delay in release of the actual dates of elections is slowly and surely bringing football activities to a stop and more youths will start drifting away to crime and other social vices that football has always united the youths against these vices by bringing the youth together.
The finals of the National Accord Peace Initiative Soccer Tournament that was held on April 25, was attended by among others the Kisumu Town East MP - Hon Shakel Shabir, the Kisumu Town West MP -
Hon Olago Alouch, Makadara MP - Hon Gidieon Mbuvi, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports James Waweru and also all the local councillors and the area District Commissioner.

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