Saturday, 16 April 2011


Describe Mimmo Wanjuhi?
A music lover who’s driven and is very aware of what’s happening around her which influences my music alot! Having said that, i am a scatter brain who writes songs about anything and everything that touches me in one way or another. I am also a little shy in person.

Before the fame, what were you doing?
I was and still am a journalist at Hot96 where I have risen through the years to position of news editor. I was however still singing though not professionally while attending Graffins College.

Mimmoh interviewing Wycleff Jean during the 2009 MAMA awards in Nairobi

How do you balance the two?
It’s challenging sometimes and honestly, my music did suffer when I was promoted to news editor in 2008 because I was required to put in a lot in the newsroom. I have however since learnt how to strike a balance. On a normal day I’m in the office by 5.30am up until 1pm so my afternoons are flexible. If I’m not at home writing music or having a meeting of sorts, then you’ll find me in the studio finishing up on my album.. I keep a diary strictly for my afternoon engagements.

What don't your fans know about you?
That I’m currently learning how to play the violin… My younger brother, a student at K.U (KenyattaUniversity) is very good at playing instruments like the violin, guitar and piano so I’m taking lessons from him. It’s hard though! Lol!

Your latest single Morning After, what is it about?
It’s about things that could go wrong when you pick up a guy/chick in the club and take them back to your place. It was actually inspired by a good friend of mine who after taking home a chic woke up two days later without most of his furniture, cash and other valuables!

Tell me about your other singles and how they have given you a chance to advance in the industry? (Best Friend and Karee)..

Best friend was produced at Ogopa Deejays in 2008, it was huge for me. As my first track, I’m glad that it was well received and even won me the Boomba Female Artiste award during the 2008 Kisima Music Awards.

Having featured Collo of Kleptomaniacs, that also gave the track a much needed boost. In 2010, I also recorded a track inspired by my late mom called Muciari which surprised many who think having grown up in Nairobi I may not know my Kikuyu! Last year, I was also featured in P Unit's hit track Kare which gave me the bounce back into the music industry after a hiatus to concentrate on my radio job.

Its 2011, what are some of the projects you are working on?
Jua Cali
has featured me on the remix to his track Kazi ni Kazi, I am also working on a track with Madtraxx and just finished another one with Lady B called Rollercoaster. I am also in talks with one of the leading hip hop artistes in Ghana and another in Tanzania though I’m not at liberty to disclose any names until both deals are sealed.

Please describe what inspires your upcoming album, Finding Me More?
It’s basically a life journey as I find myself some more and what it is I go through and how I handle it… I feel it will resonate with my fans because it touches on issues they can relate with like love, self destructing in relationships or jobs etc. In the album, I have also delved into issues inspired by my friends, colleagues, acquaintances and how those situations have affected me.

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  1. Iv been tracking Mimmo since she broke ito the scene and its clear she isnt intending to stop, neither are we planning to stop.

    Good on You.

    Ryk Mchoraji