Monday, 25 April 2011


Here is a lil bit about Daddy V

"I have the most respect for the streets of Nairobi, Kenya because they made me what I am," Daddy V says. The rapper now based in the US says the streets nicknamed him the "ghetto superstar" because he never hit the charts or radio but even the kids recognized him as he did his neighborhood rounds.
Daddy V's first live show was at Lipps disco in Nairobi when he was 13 years old. Soon after, he made Nairobi's Florida 2000 club his home. He was a regular performer at the club's talent shows popularly know as Jam Session.
This is where Nairobi's underground artists converged to showcase their talent. Florida 2000 Jam sessions produced artists such as Hardstone, Gidigidi Majimaji and Redsan. In 1997, Daddy V won the coveted talent show, which gave him even more credence on the streets.
However, because he could not afford studio time, he never recorded any of his music. Daddy V continued performing as an underground artist until he moved to the United States. His style of music is a fusion of dancehall (ragga) and African rhythms.