Sunday, 20 March 2011


American singer Solange Knowles has teamed up with Coca-Cola Africa Foundation based in South Africa to front a new campaign for clean water access in Africa titled Kenya.
Beyonce's little sister, along with rocker Chris Taylor and musician Twin Shadow recorded the track Kenya to help raise funds for the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN).

Apparently the funds will be used in providing water for Rwanda, Uganda, and Cameroon.
The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation hopes to raise £10,000 for the clean water projects in the three African countries. The foundation brings together business, local government, NGOs and committed individuals to tackle the problem of access to water and sanitation in Africa.
Solange said, "Water is a necessity, it's not a privilege. The 'Music for RAIN' project gives everyone a chance to contribute and play a part in improving the situation."
Of the song, she added, “To me it inspires hope when it’s more upbeat and spirited, and I think that that is what the conversation should be about.”