Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Liza Mucheru-Wisner, the Kenyan who was a finalist in the 10th Season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice is coming back to Nairobi to launch her technology business.
Liza owns and operates Texas Techies, which aims to teach children computer skills and, at the same time, basic reading and math.
She plans to establish her company, dubbed POWER UP (Providing Opportunities Where Everyone Rises Up) come March, a source told Hot Secrets. During a recent interview with AOL Jobs, Liza said, “I have decided to embark on a program to expand my business internationally through an organization I am setting up by the name POWER UP. I am working on a roll out plan for this new organization to be agreed with partners, donors and sponsors.”
During a two-week visit to Nairobi, in November last year, Liza visited the Kenyatta National Hospital’s maternity ward where she donated Sh150,000 to purchase an incubator and Anajali Primary School in Kibera where she presented a cash donation towards a girls’ toilet after she learned that girls and boys shared a toilet block.
Liza made it to the final three in Trump’s reality show that ended on December 16.