Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Kiss 100’s Sanaipei Tande is one of the judges in the TV dance show Sakata 2 on Citizen TV. As a former reality show contestants herself, Sana told Hot Secrets about the feelings of déjà Vu that come with her new position on the show.
“The experience is really two sided. One moment I’m loving the fact that I’m a part of this very successful piece of entertaining and life changing experience for both myself and the contestants but the difficulty and tension that comes with deciding which team has to go and which team pulls through is mind-blowing. I don’t seem to be getting used to it,” Sana said.
“It definitely brings back Pop Star memories and emotions. I’ve realized that the as a (former) contestant and a first time judge you go through similar emotions, the anticipation to win, the stage fright, the preparation to do your best etc. but I cant lie I’m glad I’m on the other side this time round.”
Of late the Najuta star has been spotted with her ex-boyfriend Manga. It had been reported last year that the couple has called it quits. Commenting on the new found closeness with her ex beau, Sana explained, “ Let’s just say this time round, Manga and Sana will let people think and decide what they want.”
Sana is planning on releasing more of her music to this year but in the meantime she is taking over the Karaoke scene. You can catch her on Tuesdays at Tamasha Hurlingham and on Thursday’s at Club Legend from 8pm to midnight.