Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Uganda’s president Museveni did it with his popular hit You Want Another Rap, now, Kenya’s business personality Jimnah Mbaru will be featured in a track with Juliani and Sudanese rapper Emmanuel Jal.
The single dubbed Tribalism is a Disease will be mastered in Jal’s Gatwich studio based in London.

Jimnah spoke to Hot Secrets about the experience in the studio at Click Track Records in Kileleshwa. “I have been to many studios but this one was very interesting. The song highlights the serious cancer that is tribalism and it needs to be removed completely from the body. It is responsible for the slow growth of our society,” adding, “No one choses which ethic background to be born into.” The business tycoon laughed off the possibility of recording his solo track in future.
Juliani said, “It is more than a single it is a campaign that people should take seriously.” The Mtaa Mentality star said that the KKK political Alliance is a fallacy that doesn’t reflect on the ground. “The youth understand one thing, hunger and not tribalism. The alliance will not go far. If we are to fight, let us them fight corruption and not each other on the grounds of our tribes.”