Tuesday, 15 February 2011


For three seasons, M-Net’s compelling African drama series Jacob's Cross has kept DStv viewers entertained with explosive storylines marrying vicious boardroom battles to hidden family secrets all set against a world of jet set luxury and relentless ambition.
The series, which has steadily built up a wide and loyal audience, returned to M-Net screens in Africa this January to much enthusiasm and once again, at the heart of it all, is Jacob Makhubu Abayomi.
A South African born businessman, Jacob’s destiny changed forever when he discovered that his biological father was a Nigerian oil baron and head of the powerful Abayomi family. Fuelled by his birthright, Jacob is driven by his dream to create the next great African business empire.

But power and wealth are accompanied by greed and betrayal, and along the way Jacob has to navigate a sometimes treacherous world where his determination, courage and integrity are his only weapons. Family loyalties are tested, long cherished friendships are put under pressure and at the heart of it all, the balance between professional determination and personal desire are often at odds with one another.
“It’s the range of human emotion at play, the ordinary superimposed against the extraordinary that makes Jacob's Cross so attractive to audiences,” says Biola Alabi, M-Net MD for Africa. “Joy, heartache, desperation, passion, sorrow, triumph, Jacob's Cross is the story of an African dynasty at work and at play.”
She goes on to say, “We’re very pleased with the success of Jacob's Cross to date, because it shows that African audiences relate to this mix of drama, intrigue and cross-continental storylines. We must thank our cast and our crew who continue to show that an African series can be dynamic and bold; and we must thank our audiences to their continuing support.”

At the end of season 3, Jacob was chasing to free his mother Thembi from jail whist his Nigerian half-sister Folake’s health suddenly failed and glamourous social butterfly Chichi battled to escape the grip of Jacob’s menacing half-brother Bola. Meanwhile Andile, Jacob’s South African brother, prepared to sacrifice his freedom in order to set the record straight at Thembi’s trial, while a bitter Zanele denies Jacob access to his son. Prospero Brand, Jacob’s best friend makes the connection between little Nozipho’s mysterious sickness and a lethal case of missing enriched uranium with the help of the alluring Dr Jones and finally does the unthinkable to get rid of blackmailing business enemy Paul. The series culminates in a dramatic climax when Bola’s attack on Folake leaves Jacob guilt ridden and determined to rid Bola from their lives once and for all.

It’s brother against brother, family against family, power against power.
In season 4, things are looking up for the high-flying Jacob when Trinity, a beautiful fashion designer enters his life, but a shattering business announcement soon sets him on an unexpected personal journey that will change his and the Abayomi’s world. Meanwhile Prospero, struggling to separate from the Brand mining empire puts his relationship with Dr Jones in jeopardy and a grief-stricken Andile embarrasses himself at a high society Angolan fashion show.

The Machiavellian Paul Lebone engages a corrupt but politically connected Rau Rau in his war against Prospero, while Andile, battling with a growing morphine addiction, discovers a mysterious young girl hiding in the Angolan Abayomi hotel. Back in Lagos Folake enrages the dangerous Chief Soludo when she wins an important concession for the Abayomi family, a short lived triumph that unleashes the powerful return of Jacob’s evil nemesis, Bola Abayomi.
What will happen next? Find out by tuning in!
Jacob's Cross is screened on M-Net every Mondays at 18.30 CAT in East Africa and 21.00 CAT in West Africa.