Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Author Ngwatiloo Mawiyoo took part is last week’s demonstration by the civil society against the removal of Kenya from the ICC.
“I just took part as a Kenyan, I heard about it and I thought it’s about time everyone played their part. If you are an MP do your job, an environmentalist do your bit, let everyone play their part,” She told Hot Secrets, “We cannot sit back and blame the devil for our mistakes.”
Ngwatiloo’s book Blue Mothertongue is currently on sale at various bookshops, it is a collection of urban poems about growing up in Nairobi. Off the book, she performed the poem, At Stake Our Mistake at the demonstration held at the Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park.
Like most Kenyans, the idea of taxes paying for the defense of the Ocampo 6 does not sit down well with her.
This year, the self-published poet will be working at getting her brand of poetry and music (Puesic) videos played on TV as well as publicizing the Puesic show that will be staged later on in the year.