Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Singer Santos finally launched his fragrance Almasi in December at The Tribe Hotel.
Of the new scent, Santos noted that he was going for a very specific effect, setting his fragrance apart branding it “something that will add quality to your life.”
He explained, "It was a challenge to myself. I wanted to create fragrance that everyone can identify with and Almasi brings that out perfectly,” Santos told Hot Secrets

The former XYZ member partnered with a French company Griacce Fragrance to create Almasi. The initial luxury collection will comprises of Almasi for Men and Almasi for women which will retail for a promotional prize of Sh4, 500. The 100,000 pieces ready for distribution will be sold at his clothes stores called Shop 69.

However, one would have expected his fellow artistes to show up for his launch but none did. In his defense, he said, “I sent out invites to my peers and fellow artistes those who showed up supported me those who did not, hated and stayed away.”
Santos joins African beauty queen and former Miss Liberia, Tammie Garr who has graced the pages of magazines such as Uzuri, Supermodels Unlimited, Maxim, and Liberia Travel & Life in launching a fragrance. Tammie's luxury fragrance line is called Royalty.