Friday, 14 January 2011


Rapper Kenrazy and his rapper girlfriend Sosuun welcomed their baby girl early Wednesday (January 5) morning.

The showbiz couple named their bundle of joy Kenania Aketch. The proud daddy told Hot Secrets, “Now we are three artistes in our humble home. We are so happy.”
Kenrazy’s latest video release collaborating with singer Q-TY titled Get Closer, features Sosuun. However, the Tichi rapper believes that Sosuun is on her way to greatness and it is only a mater of time before she leaves her mark.

“Sosuun is the best rapper and singer alive. She was impressed after leaving the hospital to see many female fans have braided coloured conrows – her trademark look - which is usually done in Kenyan flag colours. She is excited that her trend caught on.”
On their Facebook profiles the couple has indicted they are engaged.