Thursday, 9 December 2010


‘At a time when most artistes prefer to play it safe, lingering within the confines of convention, towing the line of the ordinary to remain relevant, Darey prefers to stand on the edge, daring to maintain his artistic distinctiveness. After nearly two years in the studio, Darey finally gets ready to birth a double disc album titled ‘DOUBLE DARE’ – a body of work broken up into two volumes that depict two sides of the R&B King’.

Fans across the country cannot get enough of ‘The way you are’ and ‘Don’t let me know’ – the first two singles off Darey’s upcoming third album. Since the cuts were released on October 21, 2010, the comments have not stopped pouring; with millions of emotional fans thanking the R&B pathfinder for blessing us with amazing music, at a time when many were already losing sleep about the quality of music coming from the contemporary music scene.
And only last week, he followed with the video for ‘The Way you are’. Shot in London and directed by Mark Hofmeyr, the new video is already becoming a fan-favourite, steadily mounting the charts and topping playlists on all music TV platforms.
But Darey is not one to relent or let all the adulations consume him and slow him down. Working from AM to PM, at the Soul Muzik Studios, with producers from Nigeria, Europe and America, the singer-songwriter has spent the past weeks putting final touches to album materials. And he announced today, that his third album is now ready.
‘We’re finally ready!’ he says excitedly. ‘I can’t wait to share what we’ve put together with my friends from all over the world’.
To be titled ‘DOUBLE DARE’ the new two-part album will come in two CDs (each CD is titled ‘HEART’ and ‘BEAT’ respectively - together read as HEARTBEAT). And it’s not the first time Darey is playing with the four-letter word that makes up his first name. His most popular pay-off line when he worked as an OAP at Cool FM was ‘How dare you dare Dare?’ And his last album, released in March 2009, was titled ‘UnDareyTed’.
Just like UnDareyTed, DOUBLE DARE is not just a play on Darey’s given name. ‘There’s always a concept behind my album titles, he says. ‘On this album, my friends will see the two different sides of me’.
What are these two sides? He refuses to say for now; preferring instead, that the upcoming album reveals that which he insists ‘many need to know...’
Meanwhile two new singles (‘Ba Ni Kidi’ and ‘Sisi Eko’) from the highly anticipated album was premiered this week.
‘Ba Ni Kidi’ is a fun song with a lot of comical inserts delivered in Pidgin English and Hausa Language. Hilarious from A to Z, with a groove and hook that’ll guarantee generous spots on radio and in the clubs, Ba Ni Kidi is distant, in style, from the album’s earlier singles – and insiders are already saying this should explain the concept of ‘DOUBLE DARE’.
‘There’s going to be a lot of love and romance on the album, as you’d expect of Darey. But there’s also going to be a lot of fun; even naughty and mischievous stuff’ a privileged source tells us. ‘There’s another song called ‘Belly’; you might want to watch out for that’, he says, beaming with smiles of mischief.
‘I recorded Ba Ni Kidi with the kind help of my friends’ Cobhams, eLDee and Bayo who speak very good Hausa’ says Darey. ‘We were just messing around really’.
‘‘Sisi Eko", a Yoru-ballad, is dedicated to everyone who has ever made a sacrifice for love! Produced by Cobhams and Darey himself, Sisi Eko is a sure favourite for the matured mind.

The new singles are available for sampling and downloads on Darey’s website, and on radio stations across the country.