Thursday, 23 December 2010



Staring Sunday (December 19), three radio presenters will be locked up in a glass house for six days without food, as part of the international program dubbed Serious Request.
The Glass House constructed on the grounds in front of Hilton Hotel and has an inbuilt studio from where they will broadcast, will be their abode till Christmas Eve.
The three, Diana, Mbusi and Violessa all from Ghetto Radio, will go without food to show their support full commitment to the issues with AIDS.


The theme for this year will emphasize on prevention of HIV/AIDS and the hardships AIDS orphans undergo.
It is expected that the Kenyan audience will have a chance to send in non-stop song requests all six days and nights. HIV testing will also be carried out on the grounds.
Meanwhile a full entertainment program will be executed in front of the Glass House with basically all major Kenyan celebrities involved including Jamaican singer Ginjah.


The show will also be running simultaneously in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Sweden. It is supported by Nairobi City Council, Hilton Hotel and Liverpool VCT.