Thursday, 23 December 2010


Kiss TV launched it’s new look programming this month. The station has invested heavily in unique and fresh programmes that are set to keep its viewers glued to it. For the first time ever the biggest a station will offer the best in African movies, soaps, telenovelas, Kids programming, reality shows and free to air championship matches.
Lovers of soaps will be assailed by an intense yet very passionate Venezuelan telenovela called Sabor A Ti. The worldwide success of this novela is mainly because of the Oscar/Emmy award winner Ana Karina Manco who plays Miranda Valladares. Be sure to make a date with the cast everyday from 7pm. Another daily show is Tinsel Town, which will for the first time be free to air daily at 6:30pm, after a successful deal with DSTV.

African movie lovers will also have their Naija Night and a the Swahili movie fans will also get a series dubbed Unfaithful about a politician and his three lovers who eventually gang up against him.
Reality show, Knowledge Hour will host the world’s controversial personality Julian Assange of the Wiki Leaks fame, in it’s first episode. The show will be on every Sunday. Joey Greco will also join the reality TV fray as the host of the popular Cheaters. It will run daily for an hour in the evenings. And those who missed out on the Joey Greco episodes get ready to crack your ribs as you meet up with the cast of the political satire daily.

Industry analyst predicts that the relaunch of Kiss TV will shake up the Kenyan TV market. Head of Kiss TV, Makari Kitui said, “I’m excited about the new programming and I expect that kit will change TV viewing in Kenya with a promise for more than you can imagine.”
Managing Director of the rapidly expanding Media Initiative East Africa, George Lutta described the Kiss TV line up as a “really good move” that will provide a “strong and viable alternative” for the viewers.
To celebrate the launch Kiss TV will broadcast at 11pm tonight the Liverpool Vs FC Utrecht FC match which is part of the deal to access to live matches from the Champion league, Europe, Bundesliga and the highlights from the La Liga matches.