Saturday, 18 December 2010


Sudanese Rapper and human rights activist Emmanuel Jal who was in the country for a series of shows including the just concluded Sudanese Summit is said to be dating America-Sudanese model Atong Arjok.
Jal refused to talk about the “relationship” between him and Atong saying, “it’s personal” but my sources swear by their small toes that the two are "an item". True story.

Anyhow, born on October 5, 1985 in California, Arjok is considered to be one of the top Nubian models to enter the fashion world since popular model Alek Wek. Arjok has made appearances in Glamour, Teen Vogue, Italian Vogue and Russian Vogue and most recently this year in British Elle editorial, photographed by David Slijper. She has also appeared on the popular television show Project Runway as a model.
Jal may have passionately refused to divulge his relationship with the model but he expressed his passionate about the summit hosted at the Louis Leakey Auditorium, Nairobi National Museum. “It was a celebration of the diversity and talent of young Sudanese as well as empower young people to bring peaceful change to Sudan through individual and collective action.”
He also released his track We Want Peace which echos the sentiments of Sudan’s youth in the run up to the January 9, 2011 referendum in Southern Sudan. He shot the video for the single that features English singer, musician and songwriter music legend Peter Gabriel, on Friday in Kibera. Gabriel’s daughter Ann Marie stars in the video.