Thursday, 9 December 2010


Bobby Mapesa is scheduled to make his first debut in Europe starting with Frankfurt to lace the Jamhuri celebrations where Miss Jamhuri will be fiercely contested.
H.E: Mr. Ken Osinde, the new Kenya's envoy who will be making his first visit the city is expected to pride over the event to meet Kenyans eager to receive him.
At the occasion Kenyans will select Miss Jamhuri to reign for one. Coming from all over Germany the beauty contest has caused sensation in the media circles here in Frankfurt, the venue of the contest. Miss Jamhuri pageant is a demonstration of African beauty devoid Western standards.
Mapesa will join Carmolina from USA, an all rounder musician with Soul, RnB, Latino, Reggae titles on her slate to thrill her audience.
The organisers, Kenya Development Associates are pessimistic the beauty contest will bring textile stores and fashion marketing outfits closer to Kenyan ladies eager to join modelling market where foreigners are gradually penetrating. Among the ladies who have enrolled for the contest is Kenyatta University graduate, Carolyne Katumbu who is no stranger in modelling scenes in Kenya.
If sourced diligently, there so many beautiful Kenyan ladies around fit for modelling, said Ms Nancy Moraya, an AfroShop owner and promoter from Stuttgart.
Mapesa who will wrap up his tour in Berlin where he scheduled usher in the new year preceded by that of Munich organised renowned promoters known simply as The Homeboyz.