Saturday, 6 November 2010


Yes, it’s been whispered in entertainment circles that Amani will be in the studio with the King of RnB, R Kelly. The singer who left the country for the US late last month, will record a song with the World Greatest hitmaker.
Ogopa Deejay’s manager Emmanuel Banda told Hot Secrets, that Amani’s success also reflects on them.

“It feels good that we are getting recognized and in the process the artistes profile also raises,” Banda said.
Asked what they would do if Amani impressed R Kelly and gets poached from the Label. “We will cross that bridge when we get there,” he continued, “This deal is a collaboration between Amani, Ogopa and Sony. Let me cut the chase and state this, Sony approached us and it has been our strategy to work with international distribution companies. It so turned out they also had similar strategies.

“As for the revenue, we will be following the intellectual property law. With that in mind I do not see any conflict as the laws are clear”
Amani joins seven other male acts from Africa in a musical unit dubbed One8 under the world-renowned music label, Sony Music. The acts include Uganda’s Navio, Tanzania’s Ali Kiba, DRC’s Fally Ipupa and Nigeria’s TuFace Idibia.

The eight will be in Chicago for a month at which time they will record an album under the pan-African record label Rockstar 4000 an affiliate of Sony.
Impeccable sources claim R Kelly will also co-produce a music video together with Brian-Michael Cox who produced Trapped in the Closet, which is set for a world wide November release.