Saturday, 16 October 2010


Business reporter Larry Madowo will as soon as Monday be broadcasting from NTV. The ex-KTN reporter has moved stations. He spoke to Hot Secrets about it.
“Viewers should expect a lot more innovative and engaging business coverage from NTV. I have been extremely blessed to be at the forefront of business news at KTN and NTV is offering me an even bigger platform to explain to viewers the big business stories of the day, break down the issues and make sense of it all in new and exciting ways,” he said.
So, why make the move? “There comes a time in every professional's life when you seek a new challenge and NTV offered me just that. It is an opportunity to prove myself all over again and lend my voice and journalistic style to the station's business. I had a dream job at KTN, and NTV just improved on that dream is the allure of the possibilities that come with it was too enticing to ignore.”
His parting shot, “I leave KTN in good faith, we did not disagree. I am grateful to the Standard Group for taking a chance on me and giving me an opportunity in April 2008 when I had no TV experience at all and to my former bosses for their encouragement, critique and support.”
On his most memorable moments in KTN? "I have absolutely enjoyed my time at KTN and there were many great moments. I love meeting travelling and I had the chance to visit 3 continents and many countries in between and report on some great stories from them. Another high for me was when I pioneered the inaugural KTN Financial Markets Live, the afternoon business show that broke new ground in day time business programming and has led to at least 2 copycats. And more recently, my involvement in the coverage of the referendum and the promulgation was a big kick; there are few things that beat reporting history live and experiencing it first hand."
Larry's final shot, "I will miss all my colleagues at KTN and wish them all the best."