Thursday, 28 October 2010


Contestants on probation this week.

Haters have a field day in the Academy as spirits invade contestants.
“You are lucky because people from your country can’t sing. That’s why you’re here.”
Paleki was upset as she recalled a comment from one of her fellow contestants before they got into the Academy after the disastrous weekend that she had with the judges.


Most of the students in the house were in low spirits after Sunday’s Live show.
Amileena was in tears after her poor review from the judges, as she asked for Voice Coach Kavutha’s help on how to reduce her "over-singing". She was trying to explain herself but could not find a plausible explanation to why she ends singing off-key and in different styles during her performances. She even claimed to be possessed at times as she performed. Kavutha lent her a sympathetic ear and impressed upon her the need to practice her song and ad-libs thoroughly.

Paleki, on the other hand, was upset because the other contestants were insinuating that she should have gone on Probation instead of those currently on Probation. She had a poor performance on Sunday and the judges criticized her song choice for the night, More and More by Etana, saying that she didn't give it her best. It has now emerged that Paleki was actually unwell, on Sunday night and that was why she had a poor performance. She was commiserating in the lounge with Steven who urged her to keep her head up and ignore the negative talk in the girls' room on Sunday night.

Steve then told her that if she wanted to move from their room, she could move into the boys' room. All through last week, Steve was trying to get close to at least one of the girls in the house. Is this his final choice?
Amileena turned on the water works again during R Kay's class after she was given her song choice for the weekend show. This weekend the contestants are pairing up to sing duets with each other and Amileena abruptly left R Kay's class when she heard Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey's When You Believe.
Her partner this weekend will be Rachel from Uganda and when she fled, in tears, to the bathroom, Paleki and Rachel went in after her to find out what was amiss. She had a startling revelation in the bathroom, as she said that she had a premonition of herself singing this song with Rachel when they first met as part of top 25.
The Academy this year seems to be in a supernatural grip that started with Gabiro saying that he was probably possessed during last weekend’s performance and he really did not recognize himself on stage. Amileena’s possession comment earlier and this déjà vu moment that she had is adding to the heightened sense of spirituality in the house this year.


Gaelle of Rwanda was not interested in singing with Peter at all; and she was hesitant when she saw him stand up and start to get involved with the song. But once she heard the song she was set to sing, Angelique Kidjo and Papa Wemba’s Ami Oh she was quite excited and didn’t seem to mind that she had to sing the song with Peter.