Sunday, 24 October 2010


First things first, y'all already know K-Denk and Prudence were evicted on Saturday night? Right? Great. Now, here is an update on what cut this week in the Tusker Project Fame academy.
A contestant confessed that she has a crush on R Kay even as fitness coach Edu turned red at an awkward question from the girls.
“I think I like R Kay too much.” These are Paleki words uttered in confidence to Prudence, immediately after R Kay’s afternoon class.
Paleki went on to say that she thought the feeling was mutual but Prudence dissolved in a fit of laughter that left Paleki wondering if Prudence had also a crush on R Kay as well.


That this edition of Tusker Project Fame is full of twist and turns, surprises and shocks; leaves us wondering what other curveballs the contestants will throw our way this week.

During Edu’s fitness session with the students, Prudence caused the unflappable Edu to get flustered when she coyly asked him whether there was any specific exercise he could show her to enhance the size of her bum!
Poor Edu walked off in a cough and told her he couldn’t answer her question after a protracted discussion that involved Amileena and some of the other girls in the house.
Afterwards, during Edu’s dance class, the Southern Sudanese gangster boy, K-Denk looked miserable as he kept on clutching his right hand.
A forlorn K-Denk was not even participating in the dance battle with Edu and it emerged that Steve had accidentally hurt him as they were horsing around during their free time the previous day.


Kavutha, however, cautioned Steve not to pick on K-Denk so much while they were at the Academy. Paleki even demanded to know why he kept on touching K-Denk and pushing him around.
Kavutha went ahead and asked the five contestants on Probation to watch a video of their Sunday performances. The other contestants also pitched in to help them analyse their performances with Aneth bemoaning that Gabiro did not fit into his song and Rachel advising Prudence to let her personality shine through her performance.


Then R Kay walked in with a wonderful surprise; a trip out for the contestants to his studio to record the Academy theme song they have been practising the whole week!
He then proceeded to listen to the contestants practice their reggae songs. Amileena and Steve awed but K-Denk had some problems with the song that was chosen for him- Alpha Blondy’s Brigadier Sabari. He requested if he could have his song changed to one that’s in English.


Before dinner, Steve, Rachel, Gaga and Davis were in the kitchen discussing relationships and exclusivity. Steve said that he could not eye other women while he was in a relationship with someone. The girls readily agreed with this proposition as all the while Davis remained conspicuously quiet in the background strumming his guitar.
Will Steve be able to focus his attention on any of the girls in the Academy and remain exclusive come what may?

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