Saturday, 23 October 2010


Kevin Mbugua and Patricia Kihoro

A drama about marriage, romance, love and life! That’s Changes, M-Net’s exciting African drama series which returns for a second season on October 20 at 20.30. DStv audiences can tune in to the show every Wednesday night for 26 weeks on M-Net (channel 101).
Filmed in Nairobi, the story revolves around three couples as they navigate the challenges of their relationships, from surviving tragedy to finding new futures. As the new season begins, Namata lies fighting for her life in hospital while her lawyer husband Alfred comes to terms with a startling revelation that will change his life forever, while his professional life dangles by a thread as a difficult case threatens to derail his career.
For struggling mother Lupita, caught in the grip of a dangerous addiction, what will the future hold as husband Jabali is caught up in a deadly web of revenge? As for the ever fashionable Cindy, she’s trying to work out what’s happened to her uncle – who was dead but whose body has now disappeared! Is he really dead and if so, who killed him?

Nini Wacera and Fareed Khimani

And there’s more as a host of new characters make their appearance and bring with them a whole new dimension to Changes. Look out for the secretive Steven whose obsession with a very specific piece of footage signals more drama, the elusive Naima who must evade Karimi, and cash-strapped Kiki and Pet looking for a way to survive. It’s all happening at Makao Close this season so stayed tuned.
Meanwhile, make sure you also check out Changes for its stellar cast which includes… Jimmi Gathu, Fareed Khimani, Louis Otieno, Pierra Makena, Godfrey Odhiambo, Kevin S. Mbugua, Renee Sewe, Margie Kiundi, Nini Wacera, Cleoptra Koheirwe, Patricia Kihoro, Nicholas Munene Mutuma, Trevor Gitonga, Keith Pearson, Gaetano Kagwa, Kone Nouhoum, Raymond Ofula, David Opondoe, Derek Bbanga, Elizabeth Aruwa, Lara Mastropasqua, Paddy Mwangi, Mona-Ombogo Scott and Samira Murage.

Biola and Patricia Amira

Commenting on the new season M-Net Africa Director Biola Adekanbi, who flew to Nairobi recently to attend the show’s launch, is pleased that season two is making its debut. “M-Net invested widely in this series because we saw its potential and understood that audiences want to see homegrown programming. We are delighted with the reception that season one of Changes received and we are confident that season two will not only deliver the same exciting content but will improve on it.”
For Wangeci Murage, M-Net East Africa Manager, Changes remains a dynamic series because at its heart are the age-old themes of love and family. “Changes is such a compelling story because audiences can identify with the challenges of relationships and with some of the aspects of each of these characters. But at the same time, it’s not at all predictable…it’s a very different world that audiences can access where drama, glamour and intrigue merge together explosively. Like any good drama, Changes is focused on keeping viewers surprised, engaged and ultimately entertained.”
Season two of Changes was produced for M-Net by Zebra Productions, headed by Margaret Kibe and Njoki Muhoho who are thrilled that the series is about to make its continental premiere. “We had such a wonderful time creating this world, these characters, this season. And many thanks must also go to our very professional, dedicated writers, cast, crew and suppliers, who understood our vision and were able to help in creating it. It is our deepest hope that audiences tuning in will enjoy the production as much as we did making it.”