Wednesday, 22 September 2010


American soul singer and vocalist, Denise Gordon, who is set to headline this year’s Storymoja Hay Festival, signed a distribution deal with Kenya's premier music distributor - Sound Africa.
David Makali the CEO of the distribution company told Hot Secrets, “It was done last year for her first album Wangu We and we staged a concert for her with Kidum as well.”
Denise will perform at the launch dinner for the literary festival called Dine with Stars on September 30 at the Carnivore.
She is famed for her hit, We Need the Children, which received an Honorary Mention in the 2003 John Lennon and 2005 Great American Songwriting Contests.
She has collaborated with Kenya’s keyboard guru Aaron Rimbui in a joint dubbed My Ideal Man, a delightful, spoken word piece painted by the piano of the Kenyan musician. The album also features singles like Suddenly Sudan, which was written during her days in Darfur in support of those, affected by the war. The rap in the beginning is a former Sudanese child soldier named Lam, who is speaking in his native tongue of Nuer.
The heavy drums added by Executive Producer R Kay, represents the burden of war along with the chants of Kenyan singer Hellen Mtawali who make listeners feel the tears and suffering of the situation. Denise is delighted that this song has been selected to feature on the compilation Rwanda for Darfur.
She has performed before in Nairobi at the July 4 Blankets and Wine monthly music festival.