Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Sharon Mina Olago the actress who played the reckless party girl, Violet in the popular MTV series Shuga, has been commissioned for two years to be a champion of women’s HIV prevention.
She was crowned the Prevention Champion at the two-day first Kenya Women’s HIV Prevention and Sexuality Symposium at the Panari Sky Centre that ended on September 1.
Sharon will be tasked with the responsibility of identifying ways of ensuring women in Kenya are better protected against HIV.
“It marks an important milestone in Kenya’s response to the HIV pandemic. It recognizes that women bear the greatest burden when it comes to HIV,” Yasmin Halima Director Global Campaign for Microbicides said.

A stunned Sharon told Hot Secrets, “I’m humbled by this, being an artiste, researcher and a woman, rarely did I think I could have the responsibility to champion this nobel cause. It is very humbling.” Adding, she will need guidance and mentorship from other professionals in the field of HIV prevention to succeed.
Asked how she landed the chance to champion women’s issues, she said, “I have no idea how they picked me for the role but I believe it is something to do with Shuga.”
The modest 28-year-old activist and model failed to mention that her diverse education background also played a big role. She is currently in Kisii doing research for her Masters in Entrepreneurship Development in University of Nairobi, failed to mention that she also has a degree in Law under a belt and a Postgraduate in Management Marketing.