Friday, 3 September 2010


The owner and CEO of Resolution Health E.A ltd, Peter Nduati officially adopted a cub from the Kenya Wildife Society, this week.
Peter who is the founder of Pine Creek Records tweeted about the adoption. "Misty's adoption completed. One up for conservation of Kenyan wildlife."

Pine Creek once housed celebs like Sheila Mwanyigha, Didge, Atemi and Mr Lenny.
He will provide for Misty's food, upkeep and medical bills.
Well, this in not the first time orphaned cubs at the Animal Orphanage in Langata have been adopted. The Jamaican sprinter and fastest man on planet earth , eeer, three-time World and Olympic gold medalist Usain 'Boit' Bolt did the same 2009 when he was in the country. I hear his cub is called Lightening Bolt.