Wednesday, 22 September 2010


The second Guinness Football Challenge recruitment drive was hosted at the KBL grounds in Kisumu, where hundreds of Guinness lovers attended with people streaming into the venue from as early as 5 pm.
The first recruitment drive was held in Meru on 28 th August which saw the top fifteen teams short-listed to appear on the adrenalin-filled Guinness Football Challenge TV game show.
Set in an inviting and captivating ambience, the party featured a variety of music played by the most outstanding local DJs, hype men and a giant mobile screen airing the day’s English premier league matches live.

The party also showcased a dream collaboration between Nameless and Onyango Alemo continuing the tradition of great performances at Guinness parties.
The football challenge recruitment drive brought together hundreds of football lovers who took their perennial competition to the specially erected Guinness football field in the ultimate search for the best football duo in the city.
The teams were taken through various activities testing their knowledge of the game plus their football skills which included dribbling,tackling and goal scoring. Thirty teams were finally selected and will have a shot at taking part in the Guinness Football Challenge TV game show.

The Guinness Football Challenge game show is aired very Friday on KTN and is hosted by Kenya’s popular radio presenter and self proclaimed number one football fan, Maina Kageni.
In line with East African breweries Responsible drinking campaign there was plenty of water and food available for the lovers of the Greatness of Guinness. WE ID personnel were also on site to ensure that no underage person gained access to the venue.