Monday, 30 August 2010


Paul Lebeneyio, Francis Merinyi

Two Kenyan men both from the Maasai tribe are part of the twelve contestants for this season of Amazing Race: China Rush that started airing on August 8.
The two contestants for the 12-episode reality show are game ranger Paul Lebeneyio and social worker Francis Merinyi.
The other contestants were drawn from 40 countries including Australia, Canada, England, India, Latvia, Mexico and the United States.
Fly Films co-founder and director of the reality show Eric Ransdell meet Lebeneyio when he was on assignment as a reporter in Africa in the 1990s scouted. “This is the first time an Amazing Race franchise has ever had a truly international cast,” said Ransdell.

The reality show is based on the international Amazing Race show format, featuring 12 teams racing through 11 Chinese cities with the franchise's last-one-out elimination system, and featuring physical challenges and extreme sports contests that audiences are used to seeing on Western reality shows.

The two had a chance to traverse various iconic sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, Sichuan Province, as well as in small villages.
Lets hope the two win the ultimate prize of a world tour provided by