Monday, 23 August 2010


Keep your eye out for a new movie featuring Tusker Project Fame Judge Ian Mbugua. Ian plays The Guru, a religious con, in the yet to be titled movie by Jitu Films.
The Guru, a narcissistic man, uses his charms and 'juju' to hypnotise his secretary, Esther (Millicent Mugadi) and a news anchor Angela (Liz Njagah).
Since he is a man who always gets what he wants, he ends up having an affair with Angela who is married to Steve (Alex Konstantaras).

He later plans to run for political office.
Speaking to Hot Secrets on his role, Ian Said, "Con artists are everywhere, people who use religion to get thier way. It is therefore imperative to test everything as the Bible says."
Milicent who plays the love stricken secretary, Esther, summed up Ian's role as the movie as a "modern day mganga who gets what he wants.” While Liz added, “It’s a caricature of the real life situations.”
The film's director Alex Konstantaras said he intended to sell the movie for TV consumption and not straight to DVD as the company has done previously with the other movie productions.