Wednesday, 11 August 2010


The East African Educational Publishers Ltd (EAEP) has announce the launch of the first part of Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s autobiography, Dreams in a Time of War. The autobiography will be launched on August 19 in Nairobi. Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o is expected to grace the launch of this seminal title.

Dreams in a Time of War covers the early part of Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s life. In it, he narrates the story of his childhood, capturing the landscape, the people and their culture; the social and political changes and problems of life under colonialism and war; and the troubled relationship between an emerging Christianized middle class and the rural poor.
Dreams in a Time of War, is a must read for all literary enthusiasts and for the general public and is available in all leading bookshops at a retail price of KShs 650.