Tuesday, 10 August 2010


The face of Classic TV and continuity presenter Mukami Ireri covers this month’s Her Magazine. In the magazine, Mukami gives and in-depth interview, revealing all.
“Well, I’m used to sharing my life, experiences and challenges everyday on classic TV so it felt like I was just talking to a friendly fan. Every time I go on air I put myself out there so it was not very different from that.”
The babyfaced TV personality got married recently and has a baby boy. So how does she maintain the balance? “I thank God for giving me a wonderful husband, he is extremely supportive and very helpful both at home and at work.”
Speaking to Hot Secrets, she promised that Classic TV has more to offer keep watching. “A lot is new on classic TV our viewers should keep watching and they’ll be in for a great treat. We have the best African blockbusters and we are launching great series soon so they should keep their TVs locked on Classic TV.”