Monday, 2 August 2010


A former reality TV show contestant Isabel Njeri know by her screen name on The Presenter as Bellah has accused rapper Collo of causing mischief for her with a former boss.
According to Bellah, Collo sent an SMS to her former boss – a bank CEO – accusing her of spreading rumours about him, claiming that Collo’s girlfriend is with child.
The CEO, them sent the text back to Bellah.
It read: “Hi Collo just sent me a message not happy with you for spreading rumours that he soon to be a daddy. This has gotten to his fiancee. He contacted me thinking you working for us i.e He wanted us to deal with you at that level, he is serious about it, so tafadhali if true wacha hiyo."
Bellah, also an actress on KBC’s Thursday night TV series Udhalimu told Hot Secrets, “I was confused, sad and angry, I did not understanding why Collo would actually make such decisions to try and get me fired even though I had stopped working at the said bank.”
She added, the whole situation was a culmination of a misunderstanding and shouldn’t have gone as far as it did. Anyhow, Bellah is now concentrating on working on her album although her single Maisha Yangu recorded by Mandugu Digital is already out.