Friday, 9 July 2010


Respected literary guru Ngugi Wa Thiongo is said to be in Nairobi from the USA for research reasons.
Hot Secrets was tipped by our good peoples that the 72-year-old based in the States is in Nairobi to do research for his new book.
Ngugi's latest book Wizard of the Crow, is a satirical look on dictatorship.
Here are what some of the critics have said of the book...

Kenyan novelist Ngugi wa Thiong’o “mounts a nuanced but caustic political and social satire of African corruption of African society with a touch of magical realism – or, perhaps, realistic magic, as the Wizard’s tricks hung on holding a not-so-enchanted mirror to his client’s hidden delusions. The result is a sometimes lurid, sometimes lyrical reflection on Africa’s dysfunctions – and its possibilities." STARRED REVIEW Publishers Weekly, August, 2006.

"Ngugi has perfected in Wizard of the Crow an art of radical simplicity, of sharply defined conflicts that, paradoxically, is less reductive than ostensibly more nuanced accounts of Africa proffered by historians and political analysts. At once an epic burlesque of a sick lumbering state and a praise song to the manifold forms of African resistance, the phantasmagoric saga of Aburiria is as clear a view of Africa as we are likely to get for sometime." JAMES GIBBONS, Bookforum, Summer 2006.

"Why should a reader invest in Wizard of the Crow nearly 800-page bulk? Simply because this novel is a literary masterpiece, woven in the rich nuance of Africa’s oral tradition, as real as spilt blood, a mythical dance of great power." SKYE K. MOODY, The Seattle Times, August 27, 2006.

“ …a compelling novel… a first class masterpiece.” Aesthetica, Issue 14, 2006

"A remarkable book, sure to be widely read." Kirkus Reviews, starred review.

"One of the best reads of the year." Essence, August 2006.