Friday, 2 July 2010


Rapper Madtraxx has bagged a lucrative music deal that will see his music distributed to the rest of the world on online music stores.
The ‘Big Deal’ singer has been signed to Rockstar 4000 Music Entertainment who have partnered with Sony.
The deal with Rockstar 4000 begins this month and will see multi-talented producer, DJ and Emcee Madtraxx in an historic, exclusive worldwide digital distribution deal, having his music made available commercially to a global audience.
"It's not a surprise that this was the natural progression of my career," Madtraxx said, "It's all about progression, watch this space!” The only promises Madtraxx can make is good music for his fans, "The rest, even I can't tell," he says when asked what to expect from him in future.
“Madtraxx is not just an overall great entertainer but producer and has emerged from strength to strength over the last few years, from his roots as key member of the hugely popular and successful Code RED outfit and now taking over the airwaves as Madtraxx. The future with this truly multi-talented Rockstar is sure to be rockin,” said the CEO and Founder of Rockstar 4000, Jandre Louw.