Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Linda Muthama’s management is pissed like crazy after Linda was denied the chance to sing the National Anthem at the opening of the CAA Senior Africa Athletics Championship at the Nyayo Stadium on July 28.
“After four weeks of practice and appearance at the Nyayo Stadium preparing for the opening ceremony Linda ended up not performing the National anthem,” The singers management told Hot Secrets, “Apparently a phone call from state house quashed the committee's idea of Linda Muthama opening performance of the national anthem claiming that the National Anthem cannot be sung in the presence of the President, and that its only the Police Band that plays as it is traditionally.
“As Linda's management, we wonder, why was this communication was not sent to us in good time. In any case, we are yet to be informed the laws that prohibit the National anthem being sung by a renowned singer on an occasion such as this when the world is watching us,” they ranted on email.
“We have seen it happen in other opening ceremonies, why not in Kenya? Is it that we cannot differentiate a government function from an international event, and what better way would we have brought out our national anthem than Linda singing it?
“The question that remains, while the Local Organising Council (LOC) was preparing, did they not share information with state house? And why would state house issue such a directive like it was a crime for Linda to sing the National anthem? Linda had offered to perform this role pro bono as a sign of support and patriotism and she went further to spend on her make up, wardrobe and other services in order to represent the country well.”
That said, the former Tusker Project Fame singer shrugged off the incident saying, “I chose to sing for free and so if they felt it necessary to cancel last minute, so be it. Another opportunity will show up"