Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Kiss 100's Breakfast Show presenters Larry Asego and comic Jalango adopted a baby cheetah on Monday, July 19.
The two were part of the homecoming visit organised by Kenya Wild Service (KWS) for those bigwigs with money to throw around philanthropic wildlife lovers, to get a chance to hang out with the cubs, feed them and bond.
Well, this in not the first time ophaned cubs at the Animal Orphanage in Langata have been adopted. The fasted man on planet earth, Usain 'Boit' Bolt did the same last year when he was in the country. I hear his cub is called Sharon.
KWS CEO Julius Kipn'getich invited the animal lovers to adopt the baby cubs. The package includes paying for their food, medicine and upkeep.
Resolutions Health Founder and CEO Peter Nduati adopted a cub named Misty - he twitted about it, that is how i know - and will be taking up the insurmountable task of seeing to it that Misty is feed, healthy and housed.
However, Larry told Hot Secrets that the two cubs they adopted are yet to be named. "They must be fully adopted first before they are given a name," he said.

Photos/ Carl Odera