Wednesday, 14 July 2010


On Tuesday night July 13, Transparency International-Kenya in conjunction with A24 Media screened a documentary film that traces the historical journey of corruption in Kenya from the post-colonial period. The cocktail launch was at Westgate Mall Nu Metro Cinema. The film titled Kikulacho: The Bite Within highlights the progress of reforms in Kenya in relation to the war against corruption and the constitutional review process.
The well-researched and engaging documentary is partly retrospective and forward-looking, focusing on the corruption scandals that rocked the Kenyatta and Moi eras, and the more recent scams that have been unearthed during the Kibaki administration. Through incisive interviews with key individuals that served in government and other critical observers, the film examines abuse of office, undemocratic elections, inequitable allocation of resources and other ills that contributed to the systemic rise of corruption in Kenya.
The film also uses past footage of historical events to tell the story of Kenya’s quest for democracy and a new constitution.
Through this documentary film, TI-Kenya hopes to promote awareness on the impact of corruption and, in particular, to raise awareness on the importance of civic participation in political processes including but not limited to the upcoming Constitutional Referendum.