Wednesday, 21 July 2010


The Japanese actor Ken Watanabe gave an interview recently during a day-long press junket for “Inception,” the new film from director Christopher Nolan which opened July 16.
Watanabe, 50, spoke about his role in the new film, a part written expressly for him by Nolan.
“I had no reason to decline this project,” Watanabe said. “I was shooting a Japanese film last year in Kenya when I was asked to come to L.A. When I heard it was from Chris Nolan, I said, ‘Okay!’”
Watanabe said Nolan, with whom he worked on the inspired 2005 blockbuster “The Dark Knight,” is keenly familiar with his style of acting. Also, the chance to play a contemporary character that was not based on being Asian—such as in “The Last Samurai”—was irresistible.
In “Inception,” Watanabe plays Saito, a wealthy and connected Tokyo businessman who offers thief of the subconscious Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) an arrangement he can’t readily refuse: the chance to earn his way home. Watanabe said that he recently received a call to discuss being in a new movie with one of his “favorite directors,” but he wasn’t at liberty to reveal the name. He insisted that he makes it a point not to look too far ahead, and to be ready when the next quality role comes up.
“I try not to set any goals for my next project,” he explained. “New projects come suddenly, so I need to leave my canvas wide open. I’ll go anywhere.”