Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Seated L-R: Chairman Dr Hon Robert Monda,Dr Nur Nassir Ahmed,Dr Esseli Simiyu and Hon Fred Outa
Standng: Joseph Mathai,Cecilia Mwangi and Dr Stanley Kamau

Former Miss Kenya Cecilia Mwangi and Dr Stanley Kamau meet with the Parliamentary Health Committee on Tuesday, July 6.
The Goodwill Ambassador of Ahadi Kenya Trust and the CEO presented the committee with some of the serious effects of jiggers in Kenya including it’s effects like children dropping out of school, spread of HIV Aids and the inability of people in exercising their democratic rights.
In return the committee promised to join them in the field on one of their public eradication camps as well as work at a partnership between the trust and the Public Health and Medical Services.
Anyho, if you are wondering why i just added Dr. in front of Stanley Kamau's name? It's because on Saturday he was honored with a Doctorate Degree from American University, Gretsa, for the fight against jiggers in East Africa.