Thursday, 29 July 2010


This year's edition of the 6th Rwanda Film Festival was punctuated by top Kenyan filmmakers walking away with coveted awards.
Wanuri Kahiu, Hawa Essuman, Ravneet Chadha and actress Ruth Mueni all won awards at held in Kigali.
Wanuri’s Pumzi and Ruth’s role in Chasing Moses won of of them the Peace Basket Award for their contribution in Kenyan cinema.
While Hawa's film Soul Boy and Ravneet's Subira bagged the Best East Africa Film Award.
Jitu Film's Ruth played the role of a witch in Chasing Moses.
She told Hot Secrets, “It was a great fun event. The festival organizers and volunteers were very welcoming and they were great hosts, during my short stay in Kigali and I was treated like a Hollywood Star. The screening was well received by the audience and in the Q&A they asked to submit more Jitu Films in the festival.
"I also felt very proud when all Kenyan women filmmakers that participated in the festival got an award. I would like to thank Jitu Films for giving me the chance not only to act in their movies but also to reprehend them in film festivals abroad and gain all these new cultural experiences.”