Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Sharon Asonganyi is conducting research for a project involving African Sister living in the diaspora.
“My vision is for empowered, mentally healthy women with less inner “self” turmoil that are liberated to become all that they aspire to be and hold true to Sankofa – It is never late to go back and take hold of purpose and destiny in one’s life or support other African sisters nurture or reclaim theirs. Your input would be priceless in informing the presentation of this project and its use in developing programs for African women and girls,” Sharon says.
If you know of anyone else who would like to fill out the survey but are not on the blog, please feel free to share the survey with them. It doesn't matter where they are (U.S., Europe, or Africa), as long as they are an their voice is critical and welcomed.
All you need to do is click over huuur and fill in the form. Your contribution will be highly appreciated.