Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The voyeuristic eye of the 5th season of Big Brother Africa has been unveiled. The reality show set to hit our screens on July 18 has a new logo.
Modern and streamlined, the new logo is a departure from last year’s gritty Revolution themed imagery. Instead the focus is on light, reflection and shimmer, with a boldly defined ‘eye’ highlighted with moments of iridescent color. Setting off the sophisticated design and central to the layout is the outline of a star, evocative of fame, showbiz and the classic Hollywood sense of lights, camera and action!
With the new season of Big Brother Africa once again being produced for M-Net by Endemol, Executive Producer Marie Rosholt spoke about the new logo.
“With each season of this show, the eye has come to symbolize the essence of the production, the spirit of the series to follow. This year, the designers were specifically tasked to create an eye that truly represented the new series, one that was fresh and glitzy, simple but still dynamic. In terms of using the star icon, which is commonly used to demonstrate fame and glamour, we felt it represented well how we feel about our audiences, our housemates, our new house and all those people that make Big Brother Africa a true African success. They are all stars in their own right.”
NOTE: the emphasis on star! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.