Friday, 30 July 2010


Former XYZ singer Alex Kinyua, now know as Lexx denied that he is in the country to plan a wedding. Talking to Hot Secrets, Lexx who has taken a break from his studies in Dallas, Texas is in the country for ‘musical reasons’.
Lexx is in Nairobi promoting his new single Pretender that will premiere on Kiss TV on Saturday 31.
“I wrote the song about a year ago, it’s about those people who show off their material wealth and yet they wouldn’t lift a finger to help the less fortunate.”
Moving on to juicier and more interesting stuff, Lexx said he is totally single and he does know 'a Brenda' but he is not planning to marry her.
“I’m single and the claims of me planning to wed are just that rumours.”
The Juu Yako singer denied that he is engaged to Brenda of the Moss Moss fame. “I have never talked to her, all I know is that she is a singer,” adding, “Yes I know a lady called Brenda but we are just friends. When it is the right time to introduce the woman I love to my fans, I want to be the first to do it.”
Here is Lexx and James Kyama at the Kiss Studios during an interview.