Monday, 28 June 2010


Young artists in Kenya have been busy creating their own Google doodle around an "I love football" theme for Google's Doodle 4 Google competition. Since the competition began in April, over 35,000 children across 17 countries have submitted their designs.

Last week, Kenya’s winning doodler, 12 year old Priyanka Shah had her design shown on the Google Kenya homepage for the day after being voted the country’s best doodle.

Now Priyanka’s design will compete against winners from all the other countries in the contest for the chance to have her work featured on the Google homepage of participating countries on 11th July. Voting for the international winner will be open between June 21 - 28.

The international winner will also win a trip to South Africa for themselves and their family, offered by South Africa Tourism Board. The runner-up will win 2 VIP tickets to a Premiere League football match in the UK offered by Sports New Media.

Anat S. Amir, Head of Marketing in Google Africa said: “We’re really excited to see who the first winner of our first international Doodle 4 Google competition will be. We have had thousands of submissions from around the world, with many creative and inspiring ideas, and are now waiting for the public to cast their votes. So, don’t forget to vote for your favourite Doodle.”

Joseph Mucheru, Lead, Google Sub-Saharan Africa said, " Priyanka's winning doodle last month proved to us that there is some major talent to be harnessed in this country. And that is what we need to show the world. By voting for this doodle we are putting our weight behind our own local talent and at the same time sending a message to our young children that we believe in them. We believe that they are not only good enough to compete on a global level but also quite gifted to emerge top!"

Kenya's national winner for the Doodle 4 Google competition Priyanka Shah said," I was extremely thrilled to have won the Doodle 4 Google competition and I am thankful for the support that Google Kenya and the country at large has given me. I am excited to be going into this next step of the competition to compete with other children world wide and I would ask that you continue to give me your strong support as a representative of Kenya's talent because this will not be a personal win it will be a national one. Thank you very much."
You can vote for her hurrr.