Monday, 21 June 2010


With over 21 million Kenya shillings worth of prizes having been won in the “Tusker 50 milli ya mafans” promotion and 29 million to go EABL hit the Nairobi bars with free goodies for their loyal consumers.
Bar activations were held over the weekend in selected pubs in Nairobi to create awareness of the ongoing “Tusker 50 milli ya mafans” promotion. From Tom Mboya street to Koinange Street, Nairobi west to Umoja EABL gave out T-shirts and free beer in the selected bar’s.

Tusker brand ambassadors armed with Vuvuzela’s and free beer surprised many bar revelers in Nairobi with the free give away’s. It was like a consolation prize to many football fans who watched their favorite African teams lose in the ongoing football tournament but EABL rewarded them with free beer and Merchandise.
Tusker brand ambassadors targeted Tusker drinkers watching Live Matches at the areas, by inviting them to participate in a lucky draw where they won various giveaways. Not only did this drive usage of the brand but increased awareness and leveraged the Tusker 50 milli ya mafans promotion which is currently running.

According to the Tusker Brand Manager, Wanyi Mwaura "We expect to reward many more of our consumers in the coming weeks as the promotion stocks are already out in the trade." She said the promotion is open and transparent adding there were more chances still open to win.
The promotion intends for Tusker to engage with its loyal consumers all over the country.