Thursday, 3 June 2010


Penya Africa is proud to announce the endorsement deal between Sauti Sol and the international brand Converse, which in Africa is distributed by Factory 55.
Factory 55's core objective is to increase brand image, building customer awareness and a clearly defined position in the minds of the target audience. Factory 55 is driving its attention to endorsing young creativity by sponsoring the youth market in Kenya and in doing so, recognizes and therefore endorses Sauti Sol as the CONVERSE ALLSTAR brand ambassadors -“All STAR ARTISTS”, as a group that will communicate the Converse brand messages because they believe that the ALL STAR brand needs to be affiliated with an already recognized and award winning group (Sauti Sol) for their sense of style and fashion and primarily also because it believes that they are STARS in the essence of the meaning.
Penya Africa is back in a huge way in 2010, in June Sauti Sol are going for a 3-month European tour together with Stan. The group are also featured on the upcoming song “Ni Sasa” with Juliani and Suzanna Owiyo and produced by Wawesh, it’s a collaborative effort by Kenyans For Change that features art personalities working together towards the realization of a New Constitution at the referendum in Kenya 2010. Other releases of 2010 include a massive Kenya-Nigeria collaboration: Nigeria’s Sasha and General Pype alongside our very own Sauti Sol and Muthoni the Drummer Queen with a crazy jam, Mara Hio Hio (free download available here)It’s the best of East meets West of Africa, and is one of the hottest tracks to come out of this region in a long time.