Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Wakati Wa Kati is a circus presentation directed by Iman Lizarazu, a French-Basque eccentric performer living in the US, together with five artistic instructors from Kuruka Maisha. It’s a performance put together by 20 Kuruka Maisha students and 4 trainees from Sarakasi Trust in a first ever circus show by Kenyans. It’s a culmination of six weeks of intensive circus training workshops and creative process that captures the rich cultural diversity and expressions inherent in our different cultural backgrounds that is Africa and the West.
Wakati Wa Kati or ‘the time between’ is an attempt to give our audience some perspective and insights into definition of time and destiny. We choose to define and interpret time through the physical circus arts. Dancing, acrobatics, clowning sticks and manipulation of various objects epitomizes interaction of time and movement and the constant danger of losing balance between or the discipline and perfection that sees one through that dangerous act.